The National Association of Document Examiners (NADE) is an organization of individuals who are actively practicing Document Examiners or are interested in the field. The organization was formed in 1980 and is open to government and non-government Document Examiners alike.

Membership includes people from all parts of the globe. All members must sign the Code of Ethics and agree to adhere to it.

NADE offers annual conferences providing continuing education once a year. These conferences are held mostly in the United States, but have also been done in Canada, England and the Caribbean. There are a variety of topics covered at each of these conferences ranging from recent research and new equipment, to legal topics.

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NADE has a certification program that qualified members may apply for. The application process requires recommendations from attorneys on cases worked and submission of 5 case files from which testimonies were given. Certification by NADE requires the passing of a 100 question proctored written examination, a form blindness test, a case is given to solve and a report must be written concerning that case. A mock trial is also given to the board. Members must recertify every 5 years. Requirements for recertification include attending conferences, writing articles, giving presentations and serving the organization.

NADE also has an extensive library on Document Examination from which members may borrow books and articles. Books and journals range from forensic science, to legal and expert witness topics.