Anonymous Notes

One of the most unnerving events in a person’s life is when they receive an anonymous note. Perhaps you have received a series of notes. They may come at your home, your office or even on your car.

Who might have written such a note? First make a list of all possible people who have access to the location where the note was found. What time of day was the note received? What does the note say? This may give you clues as to the person who wrote it. All of this information should be written down in case you receive another one.

Even if you think you know who wrote it, you often must have confirmation from a document examiner in order for the harassment to stop. You might just want confirmation, so that you are not forever suspecting the wrong person. You might need confirmation to proceed with firing an employee.

Save everything associated with the notes- most importantly the envelope it came in. Do not throw anything away. Collect handwriting specimens from as many possible suspects as you can. Call me and I can tell you how to do this. In most cases, we can determine whether your suspicions about a possible writer are correct or not.