Susan E. Abbey

Susan Abbey is a Board Certified Document Examiner by both the Board of Forensic Document Examiners and the National Association of Document Examiners. She has been serving clients on matters of questioned or forged documents since 1997. She is Court Qualified and testifies for both plaintiff and defense on civil and criminal matters in State and Federal Courts as a documents and handwriting expert, or questioned document witness.

Please call to discuss your case. Your initial conversation is FREE (214-343-1874). She can quickly determine how best to be of service to you. Most people do not know what to do if they suspect a forgery or receive some anonymous note. Fortunately it is usually the one and only case like that they have had to deal with. Most cases do not end up going to court due to her thorough work. People are usually surprised by how inexpensive it can be to have their case reviewed and the peace of mind that comes with it. Her reports can often help a case to settle quickly, without the added expense of a courtroom trial. However if you do need to go to court, she has qualified as an expert witness in numerous state and federal courts. Her presentations are clear and convincing.

As a handwriting expert she deals with questions of signature forgery or verification, insurance fraud, corporate fraud, disguised writing, anonymous notes, threatening letters, graffiti, forged checks, deeds, contracts, wills, sequential logged writing, and intersecting lines just to name a few. As a document examiner she looks at questions of altered documents. Sometimes this includes cut and paste signatures, erased or obliterated writing, scanned signatures, or it might be a replaced page on a document. It might also involve a questioned typewriter, computer printer questions, scanned signatures or faxed documents.

Document and handwriting examination is a difficult field and should be handled by a well-trained professional. For instance, a signature might not look anything like the person’s normal signature, but a professional handwriting analyst can tell that person was attempting to disguise his or her signature. Ms. Abbey is President of the National Association of Document Examiners. She is a graduate of Rice University and trained in questioned documents and handwriting examination through the National Questioned Document Association. She also studied with the American Institute of Applied Science.

She has written articles on document examination published by the “International Journal of Forensic Document Examiners” and the “Journal of the National Association of Document Examiners”.

Mostly you will want someone to handle your case with honesty and integrity. Whether the outcome is good or bad you want to know the truth. It does no good to hire someone just to say what you want to hear, only to be shot down later after spending thousands of dollars. Susan Abbey is not some hired gun whose reputation is tarnished by past unethical dealings.

She is located in Dallas, Texas but has handled numerous cases throughout the country and world. Her clients include attorneys, private investigators, insurance companies, large and small corporations and individuals.

Document examiners are known by many different names. They might also be called forensic document examiner, handwriting expert, document expert, forensic handwriting expert, handwriting examiner, or forgery expert. Handwriting analyst and graphologist are also terms frequently used, but really refer to the study of handwriting for personality analysis.

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